The protection of quartz watch must pay attention to the following points

Six measures for daily maintenance of analog digital watches


  • Dust 
           For the quartz watch  movement  , dust is undoubtedly one of the three natural enemies.  Quartz watches are exposed to dust-intensive areas, which naturally cause dust to enter the gaps in the case, and a large Amount of dust accelerates the movement of the movement.  , when the quartz watch is not allowed to wait for a series of problems, it will be caused by lack of maintenance and dust accumulation in daily life.  To deal with the  problem of  watch  dust , just wipe a small piece of cloth, or go to a professional repair center for after-sales maintenance.
    • High temperature
          Many people think that their watches are waterproof or diving watches, so they will bring the watch to the sauna. The temperature in the sauna is much higher than the normal outdoor temperature. Instant temperature difference will accelerate the aging of quartz 
    • Waterproof
          Most quartz watches are water resistant to 30 meters or 50 meters. Even if the watch is waterproof, do not place the watch in a place with high humidity. Read the instructions of the watch carefully to prevent it from appearing in the wrong place.
    • Concussion
           That Unlike Mechanical Watches, Quartz Watch Movements Become Extremely Fragile When subjected to Momentary Vibrations.  Few people Wear High-End Formal Quartz Watches to the Participate in Golf Swings. The To know The Moment of Kick-OFF, The Instantaneous Force ON The Wrist IS Amazing.  Although is this is a very common thing for human bones, it is an amazing disaster for quartz watches. Many quartz watches are sent to the repair center due to the owner's passion.
    • Magnetic field
           Nowadays, the magnetic field is everywhere in life, from microwave ovens, induction cookers, television sets, to eating a hot pot, playing electric, magnetic fields all affect our lives. The quartz watch that was just bought has an error, most likely due to the influence of the magnetic field. When the quartz watch movement is magnetized, there will be more and more errors. Don't panic, you can go to a professional repair center for degaussing after being magnetic. In order to save such troubles, it is recommended to keep the removed quartz watch away from the strong magnetic field. The place where the current exists in the life is the magnetic field. It is recommended to stay away.
    • abrasion
           Quartz watches, whether it is an all-steel or precious metal case, always have wear problems. Many people will be attracted by the words stainless steel, never wear. But in fact, even the best case made of steel will wear out. Even if the buckle is naturally exposed to the desktop every day, it will wear out. For example, typing the keyboard for a long time will result in an ugly pattern on the buckle. To this end, due care should be taken not to allow the case and bracelet to participate in unnecessary wear and tear and to make our quartz watch "looking new".
    Quartz watch travel time error
    • Movement problem
           The accuracy of the watch varies depending on the type of movement of the watch. The quartz watch replaces the balance wheel in the mechanical watch with a quartz vibrator, and uses its correct high-speed oscillation to time. In general, the accuracy of the quartz watch is high. The Swiss standard has a monthly error of 15 seconds, some precision. The movement can reach the annual error within a few seconds.
    • low battery
           If the quartz watch suddenly finds that it is slow, it is probably caused by insufficient battery energy. You can send the watch to a special maintenance point to check the power.
    • Watch is magnetic
           If the quartz watch movement is magnetized, the watch will be inaccurate when it is taken.
    • Need maintenance
           Quartz watches that are not maintained for a long time are likely to be inaccurate due to the accumulation of dust in the movement.
    •  Suffering from  impacts
           Quartz watch is very precise. If it is hit , it is likely to cause loose inner parts and cause travel problems.